The right set of sunglasses or eyeglasses can certainly add flair to your style, helping to achieve that “effortlessly cool” look. Most of our frames can even accommodate a prescription so you can look and see your best in all weather.
Whether you are looking for frames that are professional, edgy, classic, or trendy, you can be rest assured that we will have it in our expansive collection! With over 100 years of combined experience in the optical industry, we’ve become quite good at selecting the brands and designs that we know you will love.

Frames Selection Guide

With a dizzying array of frames to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to pick. Here are a few quick tips for selecting the right pair of shades for your face shape:


Your best bets: Round-framed, aviators, or shield frames.

Square-shaped faces are usually blessed with a strong jawline and a wide forehead. It’s best to wear shades that can help to soften your prominent facial features — we recommend frames with round format or soft edges.


Your best bets: Aviators, clubmasters, or oversized frames.

Oval-shaped faces are able to pull off most types of frames. Be careful not to go overboard with the frame sizes though — stick to classic frames as most of these are designed for faces that are oval-shaped.


Your best bets: Wayfarers, cat eyes, heart-shaped, or sports frames.

Heart-shaped faces usually feature a broad forehead with high cheekbones and a sharp chin. Look for frames styles that are wide at the top of the frame and narrow at the base (most classic and retro styles). The contours of your face will be also enhanced by a pair of heart-shaped frames for a more whimsical option.


Your best bets: Wayfarers, cat eyes, or square-framed frames.

Round faces are generally proportional in width and length featuring a wide forehead and rounded chin. Frames that are oversized and square-ish in shape will take attention away from the roundness of your face, giving the appearance of added structure to your wide cheekbones and jawline.

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